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Choosing a Wall Mount Sensor Faucet Seller

As technology evolved, so did the need for a wall mount sensor faucet seller. These devices were initially popular in public washrooms, where they prevented the spread of germs and bacteria. Now, they can also be used to cut water consumption and help prevent kids from forgetting to turn off their faucets. However, one major disadvantage of these faucets is their lack of temperature control. Users should be sure to adjust the temperature on the faucet before using it.

The minimum distance between a countertop and a wall mounted sensor faucet head is one inch, but most faucets are installed higher to increase the user’s comfort. A bathroom faucet is typically 6 to 8 inches above a countertop, while a kitchen faucet should be eight to 10 inches off the ground. Wall mount faucets can be installed at higher heights, but it’s best to get a seller that will offer replacement parts. This way, you won’t be left without a faucet that works when you need it.

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